Rekha Raghunathan

Lead - Partnerships and Resource Development | raghunathanr at iihs dot ac dot in

2000    MBA, University of Hartford, CT, USA
1997    BA, Corporate Secretaryship, Ethiraj College for Women, University of Madras, Chennai




Countries: India, USA
States: Tamil Nadu, Telengana, Karnataka
Cities: Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, New York
Languages: English, Hindi, Tamil

Rekha Raghunathan leads the institution’s partnerships and resource development efforts. With nearly 20 years of diverse experience in India and the US, Rekha focuses on developing strong relationships with existing and potential donors and partners in India and globally.


She has been with IIHS since 2015, and has helped set up the IIHS Word Lab which anchors all IIHS publications including the production of its interdisciplinary journal Urbanisation. She also anchors the public engagement, donor acquisitions, and fundraising efforts of the IIHS public reference library, and co-founded IIHS’ annual international writings festival, City Scripts. She has built institutional relationships with several leading digital and print media platforms, cultural organisations, publishers, and other practitioners, collectives and stakeholders working across the arts and the urban.


Rekha and her colleagues at the Word Lab created one of IIHS first two MOOCs on Coursera titled, ‘Writing and Disseminating Grey Literature’, aimed at helping researchers and practitioners develop hands-on skills in writing across public facing formats such as op-eds, data stories, and social media posts. Articles edited by Rekha have been published in The Hindu, EPW, Scroll.in, The Wire and IndiaSpend, among other print and online media platforms.


Prior to IIHS, Rekha ran India Water Portal (Arghyam) and was instrumental in building the portal’s connections with the media. She has worked in finance, technology, product training, and sales with Thomson Reuters in the US, and managed several client relationships.


CommonsWriting Skills Lab for the Urban Fellowship Programme 2016–2017, 2017–2018



Writing for Digital Media
Writing for Development Sector


Previous Teaching Experience

2016–2017Writing for the Development Sector, IIHS (October 2016)
2015–2016Writing for Digital Media, IIHS (June 2015)
2013–2016Structuring and writing op-ed pieces (focus on water/sanitation), India Water Portal


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Other Writing

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