Raghav Mehrotra

Associate – Academics & Research | rmehrotra at iihs dot ac dot in

2018    BA (Honours), History, Computer Science Stanford University Stanford, United States of America

Countries: India
States: Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra
Cities: Udaipur, Ahmedabad, Surat, Mumbai
Languages: English, Hindi

Raghav Mehrotra works on research and practice projects at the intersection of labour, technology and development. At IIHS, he has conducted research on women’s participation in India’s platform economy, global value chains for the production of artificial intelligence and the nature of employment in new-age Indian BPOs. He is also conducting a short study on how publicly available data can be used to address core labour issues like occupational safety and health.


Previously, he worked at Aajeevika Bureau, where he researched themes of informality, seasonal migration and value chains across rural and urban Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra. Here, he worked closely with Kaamgar Sahayata Samiti, a manufacturing workers’ collective, to tackle wage theft and factory accidents in an industrial cluster in Mumbai. He is interested in how solidarities and fissures emerge within worker platforms in the informal economy, especially during strikes and other worker–employer conflicts.


  • Work, Migration, IIHS, Aajeevika Bureau, Work Fair and Free Foundation,Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
  • Urban Economy, Work, Digital labour platforms, Urban Fellows Programme (UFP), IIHS
  • Data Skills Lab – Urban Informatics Lab, Methods, Urban Fellows Programme (UFP), IIHS
  • Quantitative Thinking in Urban Research and Practice, Methods, Urban Fellows Programme (UFP), IIHS
  • Digital Labour Markets and the Future of Work in Indian Cities/ Digital Economy and the Future of Work, Work, Urban Fellows Programme (UFP), IIHS

Journal Articles

  • Mehrotra, R., & Jayaram, N. (2022, Forthcoming). Informal, inadequate, inconsistent: Circular migrants access to public provisioning in Ahmedabad. Urbanisation.


Books/Book Chapters

  • Mehrotra, R., & Parpiani, M. (2022). Living with precariousness: Survival in small manufacturing enterprises. In S. Patel, D. Parthasarathy & G. Jose (Eds.), Mumbai / Bombay: Majoritarian neoliberalism, informality, resistance, and wellbeing (pp. 67-83). Routledge.



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  • Understanding and Improving Women’s Work on Digital Labour Platforms
  • Learning Study on Platform Design