Priya Singh

External Consultant | priyas at iihs dot ac dot in

2019    PGD, Liberal Studies Ashoka University Sonipat, Haryana, India
2018    MSc, Geography Presidency University Kolkata, West Bengal, India
2016    BSc, Geography Loreto College, University of Calcutta Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Countries: India
States: West Bengal, Delhi-NCR, Uttarakhand, Orissa, Karnataka
Cities: Kolkata, Sonepat, Chamoli, Puri, Bangalore
Languages: English, Hindi, Bengali

Priya is interested in exploring the interactions between people and urban spaces. She has a keen interest in inclusive urban design and planning, and her post-graduate dissertation examined the phenomenon of pseudo-urbanisation in eastern Kolkata. During her academic years, she engaged in extensive fieldwork for projects on inclusivity, sustainability, and development.


At IIHS, she was a part of the GCRF-KNOW Project, contributing to the Learner Trajectory research stream through desk research, fieldwork, data collection, analysis, and dissemination support. She is currently working on a Spencer Grant-funded study that investigates the challenges faced and negotiations undertaken by marginalised students in accessing higher education spaces. Priya has also written about ethical practices in qualitative research. Her curiosity also extends to the world of cinema, investigating city representation in films, and the planning and design implications they carry. She is currently working on a project looking to understand the mobility cultures depicted and created by films. She has presented her work on these topics at various national and international conferences like CIES, DSA, IAFOR, and CESI among others. She is a faculty member for the Urban Fellows Programme and a part of the IIHS Research Management and Communications team where she assists with general management of the Research Programme.


  • Practica, Urban Studies, Urban Fellows Programme (UFP), IIHS

Other Writing

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  • Knowledge in Action for Urban Equality (KNOW) Consortium
  • Bridging the Gap: Experience and Challenges of Enabling Access to Higher Education