Pratishtha Pandey

Intern | ppratishtha at iihs dot ac dot in


2022   BArch, Savitribai Phule University, Pune


Pratishtha is an architect, graphic designer, and interior designer. She works as an independent researcher in sustainable building materials, construction technology, and innovations regarding green buildings. Interested in building science and energy efficiency, her expertise in the subject involves building performance analysis and optimization- daylight and thermal simulations. She believes it is our responsibility to recognize and reduce the negative impacts of urban development. She has previously interned with SELCO Foundation and TERI and worked on various design research areas.


In a student collaboration with Utah State University, as team lead, she has worked on the sustainable urban development project for the Mutha river area in Pune and was awarded the ‘Award for Excellence’ and ‘Honor Award’ by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA). A participant of the first edition of Solar Decathlon India, as part of Team Virya, she was the runner-up for the ‘Community Resilience Shelter’ category. As a sustainability enthusiast, she seeks to work in the green building sector, contributing to environmentally responsible architecture. She finds interest in travelling and sports and is an avid reader of psychology and history.