Niji Antony

Associate – Media Lab | nantony at iihs dot ac dot in


2015    Diploma in Digital Filmmaking Chetana Media Institute Thrissur, Kerala, India
2013    BA, English Literature Prajyoti Niketan College, University of Calicut Pudukkad, Kerala, India 


Countries: India, Nepal
States: Kerala, Meghalaya, Assam, Karnataka, Uttarakhand, West Bengal
Cities: Thrissur, Shillong, Guwahati, Bangalore, Dharchula, Kolkata
Languages: Malayalam, English, Tamil, Hindi

Prior to her current position at IIHS, Niji Antony worked as an assistant cameraperson in the Malayalam film industry, providing her expertise to various projects. In this role, Niji has contributed to feature films such as Njan Ninnodu Koodeyundu (2015) and Namukkore Akasham (2015), as well as the short film Aviramam (2016) and the documentary Ormakalkappuram (2016). Furthermore, Niji has worked as an Assistant Costume Designer on the feature film Iratta Jeevitham (2017). In addition to these roles, Niji has served as a cinematographer on the short film Koma (2019) and as an assistant director on the short film Karkidakavaru (2021). With extensive experience in various positions, Niji has honed her skills and expertise in the film industry.


However, Niji’s passion for storytelling extends beyond traditional cinema, as evidenced by her keen interest in documentary filmmaking. While collaborating with Pedestrian Pictures in Bengaluru, Niji showcased her versatility by serving as an Assistant Editor and Cameraperson. Niji was part of various projects, including We are All Gauri and Grandfather- Saga of a Freedom Fighter. Niji was a videographer and editor for a three-month Community Radio Project in Uttarakhand. As part of the programme, she taught radio recording and editing to the community members from the village.


Within the institutional framework of IIHS, Niji’s responsibilities encompass a spectrum of projects, including but not limited to Campus documentation, UFP teaching and documentation, TESF, and various other initiatives hosted by the Media Lab.


  • Advanced Media Skills – Media Lab, Media and mass communication, Urban Fellows Programme (UFP), IIHS
  • Media and Film – Media Lab, Editing Practicals, Urban Fellows Programme (UFP), IIHS
  • Transforming Education for Sustainable Futures (TESF)