Nadia Lewis

11 June 2018 - 24 August 2018 | Profile shared during internship at IIHS


(pursuing) MA Political Science, Northeastern University, Boston, U.S.

2015 BA, Journalism and Communication, Manipal University, Manipal


Nadia is an Intern with the Word Lab at IIHS.She has worked as a journalist at various organisations such as Thomson Reuters and The Ladies Finger. During her time at The Ladies Finger, Nadia collaborated with Amnesty International in their ‘Ready to Report’ campaign. She interviewed victims of sexual assault and harassment and reported on the obstacles they faced while trying to file complaints in various cities across the country.


Nadia, who considers herself a political news junkie with a soft heart, is currently pursuing a Master’s in Political Science specialising in International Affairs and Development. Her research interests include gender, development and environmental policies and solutions that are being implemented in developing nations. During one semester, she focused her research on the development policies being introduced in the landlocked Himalayan country of Bhutan.