Lubna Duggal

Consultant – Word Lab | lduggal at iihs dot ac dot in


2012    MA Interdisciplinary Humanities, Manipal Centre for Philosophy and Humanities, Manipal University, Manipal

2010    BA Philosophy, University of   Mumbai, Mumbai




Countries: India
States: Maharashtra, Karnataka
Cities: Mumbai, Manipal
Languages: English, Hindi

Lubna’s dissertation emerged from her interest in feminist philosophy to examine the conceptualisation and training of the body in classical dance, with a focus on Bharatanatyam and her experience of learning the dance form.


Previously, she worked with Economic & Political Weekly (EPW), Mumbai, as senior assistant editor. Apart from reviewing and editing submissions, writing editorials, she managed the publication of Postscript—the art/literature/culture section of EPW—and the Review of Women’s Studies. She worked on the development and implementation of the house style, the peer-review process, and the article management system, including providing training and technical assistance.


Her interests also include publication and medical ethics, stemming from her association with the Forum for Medical Ethics Society, Mumbai.


At the Word Lab in IIHS, Lubna will anchor the production of Urbanisation, and provide editorial assistance with academic and grey literature publications.

Journal Articles

  • Bandewar, S. V. S., Chaudhuri, L., Duggal, L., Ravindran, G. D., Narayan, T., Sarojini, N., Kurpad, S. S., Vaz, M., & Venkatachalam, D. (2018). Health for all in an unequal world: Obligations of global bioethics. Indian Journal of Medical Ethics, 3(4), 263–266.
  • Bandewar, S. V., Chaudhuri, L., Duggal, L., & Nagral, S. (2018). The Supreme Court of India on euthanasia: Too little, too late. Indian Journal of Medical Ethics, 3(2), 91-94.


Other Writings

  • Duggal, L. (2019, September 11). Out of print and on the line. Economic & Political Weekly Blog.
  • Duggal, L. (2021, April 29). Out of print and on the line — Part 2. Economic & Political Weekly Blog.
  • Duggal, L. (2012). The dancing body: Conceptualising and training the body in Bharatanatyam. [Unpublished master’s dissertation]. Manipal University, Manipal, India.