Kruthika G

External Consultant | gkruthika at iihs dot ac dot in

2023    Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degree in Architecture, Landscape and Archaeology Sapienza

             University of Rome, National Technical University of Athens, Federico II University of Naples, Coimbra

             University Italy, Greece, Portugal

2020    PGD, Manuscriptology and Palaeography Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts,

                                                  Regional Centre Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

                                     2018    MA, Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology Deccan College Post Graduate and

                                                  Research Institute, Pune Pune, Maharashtra, India

                                     2016    BA, History, Economics and Political Science St Joseph’s College (Autonomous) Bengaluru,

                                                  Karnataka, India


Countries: India, Italy, Greece, Portugal
States: Karnataka, Maharashtra, Delhi NCR
Cities: Bengaluru, Pune, Delhi NCR
Languages: Kannada, English, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Greek

Kruthika Ganesh works as an External Consultant for Campus Publications in the Word Lab. The Campus Publication books document various aspects of the development of the IIHS Campus, Kengeri, which serve as a pedagogic material for understanding inclusive planning, design and implementation.


Trained in the disciplines of archaeology, architecture and landscape, Kruthika is interested in critically understanding the development of human civilisations across the world and planning for a sustainable future that does not forget its past. Her bachelor’s in history, economics and political science set a solid ground for her multidisciplinary experience. During this time, she worked as a research assistant in ‘Bengaluru idu namma ooru’, a Kannada documentary on the city of Bengaluru, its people, heritage and legacy, with a run-time of 70 hours. This resulted in a bachelor’s project on mapping the modern city through the painting of James Hunter from the 1790s. She graduated with gold medals in the subjects of history and political science.


During her master’s in archaeology from Deccan College, Pune, she specialised in the fields of environmental archaeology, quantitative methods, museology and cultural heritage management. An internship at the Archaeological Survey of India, Bengaluru Circle, gave her experience in field work, documentation and public outreach strategies. Her dissertation on music archaeology with focus on mnemonics and traditional knowledge transfer capabilities of music among the Jenu Kurubas of Nagarahole forest received much appreciation. She graduated with three gold medals.


Wanting to develop skills to promote implementation of knowledge from previous disciplines, she was awarded the Erasmus Mundus scholarship for a Second Level professional master’s in architecture, landscape and archaeology in Europe. Introduced to design and planning, Kruthika endeavors to use architecture and landscape design in promoting management, presentation and interpretation of heritage—built and non-built, tangible and intangible. She graduated top of her class with a full score and honours.


In addition, she also has completed a diploma and certificate course in manuscriptology, palaeography and traditional Indian architecture respectively. She worked as a research consultant for Sharada Srinivasan in the TCS Meta Crafts Project at NIAS, Bengaluru. She was also a research assistant for Cultural Samvaad an Edusprite Solutions. She is also a violinist in the Carnatic music tradition.