Janani Sekar

4 January 2017 – 2 March 2017 | Profile shared during internship at IIHS


PGD, Liberal Studies, Young India Fellowship, Ashoka University

BTech, IT, Pondicherry Engineering College, Pondicherry


Janani has worked with Sapient Corporation as a Technology Associate for 3+ years in varied roles and projects as a developer, facilitator and analyst, in the domain of financial services. During her Fellowship at Ashoka University’s Young India Fellowship program, she was introduced to diverse disciplines ranging from Sociology of the Environment to Academic Writing. She had the opportunity to contribute to the design proposal of a mobile education base aimed at the environmental education of children living around sensitive ecosystems–Pench Tiger Reserve, in this case. Janani has also worked with the communications team at Safe Harvest to help set up their blog, draft reports, build business leads, organize exhibitions and events at varied platforms.


Janani is at IIHS to help with the City Scripts event and IIHS Reader.