Amit Mahanti

External Consultant | amitm at iihs dot ac dot in


2002   MA, Mass Communication, Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi

2002   BA (Hons), English Literature, University of Delhi, Delhi



Countries: India, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Indonesia, England
States: Meghalaya, Nagaland, New Delhi, Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim
Cities: Shillong, Dimapur, Kohima, New Delhi, Malegaon, Solan, Bir, Tehri, Chungthang, Warsaw, Brussels, Turin, Semarang, Kupang, Cambridge
Languages: English, Hindi, Oriya

Amit Mahanti is a filmmaker, cinematographer and editor based in New Delhi. He has worked on films and video installations that explore questions of ecological transformation, culture and politics. His films include ‘Malegaon Times’, ‘Every Time You Tell A Story’, ‘Small City Dreaming’ and ‘Scratches On Stone’ which was awarded the Runner-up prize at Film South Asia, Kathmandu in 2019. His latest film ‘Two Autumns in Wyszogrod’ (2020) explores the memory of war and how it is remembered in the present, in a small town in Poland. His films have had several institutional and film festival screenings including International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala, International Film Festival of India, Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival, Film South Asia (Kathmandu) among others.


Amit has been selected for art and film residency programs at Khoj Studios, New Delhi; Parco Arte Vivente Experimental Centre of Contemporary Art, Turin; Kran Film, Brussels and Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, Ujazdowski, Warsaw. His work has been featured in group exhibitions including ‘Sic Vos Non Vobis / For You But Not Yours’ at Parco Arte Vivente Experimental Centre of Contemporary Art (2014); ‘Rooting (India): The Knowledge Project’ – a collateral event of the Kochi Muziris Biennale (2014-15); ‘Evidence Room’ at Khoj Studios, New Delhi (2017) and his work will also be exhibited at the forthcoming exhibition – ‘Tradition and Identity. The Naga of Northeast India’ at the Humboldt Forum, Berlin in 2021. Amit was a recipient of the Charles Wallace India Trust Short-term Fellowship, 2016. He has also been involved with several media-based community art projects in Meghalaya, Delhi, Sikkim and Uttarakhand.

Documentary Films

  • 2020 Two Autumns in Wyszogrod
  • 2019 Fly Past, Hornbill (Humboldt Forum, Berlin)
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  • Mahanti, A. (Director). (2017). Scratches on stone [Motion Picture]. New Delhi: Public Service Broadcasting Trust.
  • Mahanti, A. (Director). (2015). Every time you tell a story [Motion Picture]. Bangalore: India Foundation for the Arts.
  • 2012 Malegaon Times
  • Mahanti, A. (Director). (2009). I Do…I learn [Motion Picture]. New Delhi: Career Launcher Education Foundation (CLEF).
  • Mahanti, A. (Director). (2008). No one has come alone [Motion Picture].
  • Negi, R., Mahanti, A., & Goswami, S. (Director). (2007). ML-05-B-6055 [Motion Picture]. New Delhi: North East Network & Khoj.
  • Mahanti, A. (Director). (2007). From panchayats to justice [Motion Picture]. New Delhi: United Nations Development Fund for Women.
  • 2006 Tiger-the Death Chronicles
  • Mahanti, A. (Director). (2006). Jhum Forest [Motion Picture]. Shillong: National Afforestation & Eco-development Board.
  • 2005 Once We Lived Here
  • 2005 Bam Kwai? (Eat Kwai?)
  • 2005 It’s not Tendong, It’s Tungrong
  • 2005 Young and Mizo
  • 2005 Following the Rhythms
  • 2005 Devta Activists
  • 2004 Turf Wars Revisited
  • 2020 Chennai International Documentary and Short Film Festival (Official selection – ‘Scratches on Stone’)
  • 2019 Film South Asia, Kathmandu (Official selection – ‘Scratches on Stone’)
  • 2019 Indian Documentary Film Festival of Bhubaneswar
  • 2019 Kolkata Peoples’ Film Festival (Official selection – ‘Scratches on Stone’)
  • 2017 PSBT Open Frame Film Festival, New Delhi (Official selection – ‘Scratches on Stone’)
  • 2015 Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival (Official selection – ‘Every Time You Tell A Story’)



  • 2015 Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India (IFFI), Goa (Official selection – ‘Every Time You Tell A Story’)
  • 2015 International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala (IDSSFK), Trivandrum, Kerala (Official selection and Competition (Long Documentary)– ‘Every Time You Tell A Story’)