Abhinav M

Senior Associate - Urban Practitioners' Programme | abhinavm at iihs dot ac dot in

2016    BPlan, SPA Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh


Countries: India
Kerala, Karnataka
Kochi, Bengaluru
English, Hindi, Malayalam

Abhinav is an urban planner and his prime research areas are water and sanitation, green infrastructure and psychological well-being.  His teaching interest lies mainly in Sustainable Urban Development and topics related to the environment. He previously worked with the Greater Cochin Development Authority, Ernakulam and the Centre for Environment and Agriculture Department, Pondicherry.


Abhinav’s Bachelor’s thesis focussed on Rejuvenation of Lost Urban Spaces, which looked at different Urban Design strategies for the revitalisation of under-utilised or dead spaces in Bhopal.


At IIHS, Abhinav works with the Urban Practitioners’ Program in the execution of capacity building courses oriented towards the public, private and civil sector. He is part of the faculty team for the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affair’s AMRUT Integrated Capacity Building Workshops and has facilitated sessions for government officials across nine states. He has also been a part of other teaching programs such as the Sustainable Development Workshop and Urban Fellowship Programme at IIHS. Through his teaching, he has explored various other subjects such as Urban Transportation, National Urban Missions, Urban Livelihoods, Heritage Development, Housing and Disaster Management. He was part of the UPP team that conducted an AMRUT Reform Evaluation Study on behalf of the NIUA. His opinions on public transport in Bengaluru appeared in a documentary in Bangalore’s CityCast


Urban Transportation, Green Infrastructure, Urbanisation etc.

Other Writing

  • Dasgupta, A., & Abhinav, M. (2022, July 20). The road to smart city planning: A historical co-evolution of urban planning and information systems. Observer Research Foundation. https://www.orfonline.org/expert-speak/the-road-to-smart-city-planning/
  • Abhinav, M., & Marella, S. R.  (2020, October 9). Groundwater recharge needs grassroots solutions: A study of two techniques in Kerala. India Water Portal.
  • Abhinav, M. (2016). Rejuvenation of lost spaces: a case study of Bhopal (Unpublished master’s thesis). School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal.

Ramachandran, I., & Abhinav, M. (2019). Green infrastructure: Smarter solutions for small and medium towns in India. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Urban Planning & Wellbeing (pp. 234-256). Centre for Bhutan.