Housing Justice: A View from Indian Cities

‘Housing Justice: A View from Indian Cities’ is a 5-module self-paced course, hosted on Coursera. The course introduces learners to different approaches to thinking about housing justice, bringing together material, ecological, social and spatial approaches to thinking about housing.

This course offers a diagnosis of what housing justice looks like as well as the modes and practices that can move us towards it ranging from activism and direct action to public policy and participatory governance. The course helps learners to think in a particular way about known problems in housing, i.e., using a framework of housing justice. This new framing allows one to see the housing question in a different way that opens up different practice approaches and charts this journey from re-framing the problem and offering appropriate approaches to action.

Specifically, the course will benefit those who are interested in improving access to affordable, adequate and viable housing to urban residents. These could include:


  • Policymakers
  • Members of public and state institutions
  • Urban practitioners
  • Activists and organisers
  • Researchers and academics
  • Students

Housing Justice is a free online course with an option for learners to gain verified certificates for a small fee. Interested learners may enrol on the course or email Courseteam_HJ@iihs.ac.in for more information.