Webinar Jal Jeevan Mission


Interactive Webinar under National Jal Jeevan Mission

Software applications in Water Supply Systems

27 August 2021 | 3.00 pm – 5.25 pm

The provision of safe, reliable and affordable water supply through efficiently managed arrangements is the key goal for the water supply sector. The ever-increasing population in India has placed a significant demand for adequate, efficient and uninterrupted water supply in prescribed quantity and quality. Water supply systems are hence key to meet these demands, and are complemented by the objectives of National Jal Jeevan Mission. Massive infrastructure designs are being planned under the mission for piped water supply to every household, and it is imperative to plan for a comprehensive yet simple decision support tool for water distribution networks, the heart of the water supply system.


Along with hardware components and the advancements in planning, the software applications in distribution networks will improve our knowledge of the infrastructure systems react to operation conditions and how they should be upgraded to cater to increasing population and demand. Water utilities hence expect the software used to be user-friendly for their day-to-day planning and operations such as designing and sizing of new water infrastructure, retrofitting existing ageing infrastructure, optimising operations of tanks and pumps, reducing energy usage, investigating water quality problems, simulating contaminant threats and evaluating resilience, and preparing for emergencies.


To create awareness on specific and effective applications of water distribution system software, the Indian Institute for Human Settlements, a Key Resource Centre for the Jal Jeevan Mission, is facilitating a webinar for knowledge-sharing with regards to computer aided design of water distribution networks for relevant stakeholders.

Learning Outcomes

Encourage key institutions and related stakeholders to understand the optimisation of water supply distribution network using software applications.

Welcome Note

Mr. Geetha Krishnan
Head – Urban Practitioners’ Programme & Digital Blended Learning, IIHS, Bengaluru


Dr.  Subha Muthu Kumar
Senior Consultant, Urban Practitioners’ Programme & Nodal officer – KRC IIHS, Bengaluru


Pradip Kalbar
Professor, Centre for Urban Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology ,Bombay

Topic:  Jal Tantra Interface


M.V.S.S Gridhar
Professor , Water Resource Development , Jawaharlal Nehru Technological Unit, Hyderabad

Topic:  EPANET tools


Tanay Kulkarni 
Founder, DTK Hydronet Solutions
Topic:  Water GEMS –Design and Modelling


Aabha.P. Sargaonkar
Principal Scientist, National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, Nagpur

Topic: Condition Monitoring of pipes through software modelling


Session time    Topic
3.00 pm – 3.05 pmIntroduction and Session Highlights
3.05 pm – 3.35 pmEPANET tools
3.35pm – 4.05 pmWater GEMS –Design and Modelling
4.05 pm – 4.40 pmJal Tantra Interface
4.40 pm – 5.10 pmCondition Monitoring of pipes through software modelling
5.10 pm – 5.25 pmQ&A Session and Closure

Participant Profile

This webinar will be particularly useful for middle and senior level engineers of rural water supply and sanitation department, officials from water supply and drainage boards, state mission management units, PHED, water authorities, PWD and other department handling water supply implementation under National Jal Jeevan Mission –Rural.



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