Research Methods Suite

What are the practical nuances and challenges in the research process?

How do you gather and analyse data?

How do you extract insights from numbers?

How can you tell compelling stories using your data?

How can your writing bring your research to life?

Discover the answers to all these and more through the Research Methods Suite from the Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS). 


The courses in this suite will benefit students, early-career researchers, teaching professionals, practitioners in the development sector, and anyone that would like to learn about the nuances and challenges of research. You can enrol for any one or all six courses, or choose a combination that suits your needs.


Anchored by the IIHS Urban Practitioners’ Programme, the courses in this suite are taught by faculty with decades of teaching and research experience. This enables them to supplement core concepts with insights from their research experience in an engaging manner, providing you a rigorous and practical learning experience. 

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