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State Institute for Urban Development

The capacity building programme on affordable housing aimed to develop and enhance the planning and practice capability of public sector practitioners involved in policy-making, planning, provision and management of housing in urban areas.

The objective of the programme was to provide an overview of affordable housing by familiarizing participants with

  • Different ways of thinking about Affordable Housing.
  • The range of actors and interventions from public agencies to developers and communities themselves that are seeking to build affordable housing.
  • The issues of land, finance, infrastructure and legal regimes around Affordable Housing.
  • Relevant policies, institutions and programmes around affordable housing – both at national and state levels.

The programme also aimed to help participants conceive and plan affordable housing projects by

  • Familiarizing them with action-oriented planning for Affordable Housing projects
  • Exposing them to the range of financial schemes and instruments that are available for the conception of Affordable Housing within city plans
  • Familiarizing them with the advantages and nuances of Community Participation
  • Familiarizing them with the critical components of a DPR within a city planning framework
  • Sensitizing them with the range of technologies and building components that can be encouraged in the planning stage of Affordable Housing projects
  • Sensitizing them to the critical aspects of Project Management and Post-implementation strategies that must be followed for successful provision of Affordable Housing in their cities

The pedagogy included presentations, discussions between participants and facilitators, site visits, group exercises, master classes and expert sessions.

Please refer to the following table for information on the capacity building programmes undertaken so far:

State Stream Courses Participants
Karnataka Affordable Housing 5 136
GIS 3 69