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The Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS) is a national education institution committed to the equitable, sustainable and efficient transformation of Indian settlements.

IIHS aims to establish an independently funded and managed National University for Research and Innovation focused on the challenges and opportunities of India’s  urban transition. The proposed IIHS University will host an integrated programme of quality campus-based education and research, training and lifelong learning for working professionals, distance and blended learning, as well as a whole array of practice and advisory services. The university will have a strong interdisciplinary orientation bringing together theory and praxis that is grounded in the South Asian context and also engages with and draws from knowledge across the globe.

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Urban Practitioners' Programme

Events & Courses

Training on Geospatial Technology
24-26 July 2014

Working with Digital Maps
25-27 August 2014


IIHS Library
The IIHS Library is central to the institution’s mission to build a research, knowledge, and teaching hub focused on India’s urbanisation.

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News & Events

IIHS announces a two-day consultation on India's Urban Policy between July 31st and August 1st at the Bangalore City Campus
For assessing the impacts of expected 21st century climate change and for informed decision making by policy makers and stakeholders, local to regional scale information is required on the nature of these changes, including good information of inherent projection uncertainties.