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Urbanisation journal is a platform that brings together interdisciplinary scholarship on the urban

Library Exhibition

IIHS Library announces its 20th exhibition on ‘Gawk. Wonder. Devour.’ from 1 October – 31 December 2019

Film Screenings

Prison Diaries
A film by Uma Chakravarti
20 December 2019 | 6:30 pm

PhD Workshop @ IIHS

The Annual PhD Workshop at IIHS is an educational intervention designed to provide a dedicated space for PhD candidates to expand on their work while interacting with eminent scholars in the field of academia and policy, and practice. The workshop is designed to provide a platform for early and mid to late stage PhD students to explore in-depth, and further fine-tune, their work over an intensive three-day period.

Urban ARC 2020: Equal Cities

The fourth edition of Urban ARC, the Annual Research Conference of IIHS will focus on the conceptual, theoretical and practical understanding of notions of equality and equity in the context of a rapidly urbanising world. The conference will engage in discussions and conversations with notions of equity and equality through a range of lenses, across theory and praxis, across geographical and spatial contexts, and discipline and methodologies.

August 2019 – May 2020

The Urban Fellows Programme (UFP) | 2019-20

India’s urban transition is unprecedented in scale and complexity. Within it lie both the opportunities of increased economic growth and employment as well as the challenges of persistent inequality, extreme deprivation and environmental degradation. Be a part of shaping this transition.

Call for Fellows

IIHS Post-Doctoral Programme

IIHS is seeking Post-Doctoral Fellows to join its vibrant intellectual environment within the Academics and Research programme at IIHS.


Indian Institute for Human Settlements
@iihsinJan 18
Jayant Kaikini and CK Meena spoke about people, cities, histories and writing in this freewheeling conversation fro… https://t.co/4UjzTyqkWA
Indian Institute for Human Settlements
@iihsinJan 18
The closing plenary of Urban ARC is on 'Pedagogy of Urban Inequality'. The panellists include @Chandrika0501, Shraw… https://t.co/rVPYFubnTY
Indian Institute for Human Settlements
@iihsinJan 18
#IIHSin faculty Sudeshna Mitra is chairing a panel on 'Urban equity and planning'. On the panel are Malini Krishnan… https://t.co/YR2LfRkhdl

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