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Library Exhibition

IIHS Library announces its 16th exhibition on ‘Memories and the City’ from 15 Oct ~24 Dec 2018

Film Screening

Yeh Freedom Life / This Freedom Life
A film by Priya Sen
18 December 2018 | 6:30 pm onwards

7 – 9 January 2019

Fifth Annual

PhD Workshop @ IIHS

The Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS) announces the fifth iteration of its Annual PhD Workshop. The workshop aims at providing a dedicated space for PhD students engaged in urban related issues to fine-tune ongoing research work. It is an opportunity to interact with peers and renowned faculty on a range of research related issues.

10 – 12 January 2019

Urban ARC 2019

Call for Papers

The third edition of Urban ARC will be held from 10 – 12 January 2019, at the IIHS Bengaluru City Campus. The theme for the 2019 edition is ‘City and the Region’. IIHS invites scholars and practitioners to examine and unpack themes around the city and region by examining a wide-range of intersections – sectoral, disciplinary, methodological and geographic.

August 2018 – May 2019

The Urban Fellows Programme (UFP) | 2018-19

India’s urban transition is unprecedented in scale and complexity. Within it lie both the opportunities of increased economic growth and employment as well as the challenges of persistent inequality, extreme deprivation and environmental degradation. Be a part of shaping this transition.

Call for Fellows

IIHS Post-Doctoral Programme

IIHS is seeking Post-Doctoral Fellows to join its vibrant intellectual environment within the Academics and Research programme at IIHS.

April – July 2018

Sustainable Cities

Sustainable Cities is a free online course where you will learn about the major challenges faced by urban areas around the world and the extraordinary potential of these areas to enable change in the future. The course starts on 2nd of April 2018 – Enrol Now!


Indian Institute for Human Settlements
@iihsinDec 14
The 5th edition of #UrbanPolicyDialogues, ‘Urban Mission and Programmes’ brought in indispensable conversations on… https://t.co/eIiKfiQrwR
Indian Institute for Human Settlements
@iihsinDec 14
RT @WOTRIndia: NGOs must engage with rural communities: @WOTRIndia Executive Director Marcella D'Souza. https://t.co/aOqavNa6DD
Indian Institute for Human Settlements
@iihsinDec 14
RT @WOTRIndia: @WOTRIndia Executive Director Dr. Marcella D'Souza was part of a panel discussion on the challenges to transformation in #ru…

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