Detailed Commissioning And O&M Manual For FSTPs in TN

Sasikumar Eswaramurthy, Rajesh Pai, Somya Sethuraman, Sakthi Balasubramani, Jega Loyal, Abhilaasha Nagarajan, Susmita Sinha, Santhosh Ragavan, Kavita Wankhade | 2022

Fecal Sludge Treatment Plants (FSTPs) play a crucial role in ensuring safe and sustainable sanitation and protecting public health and the environment. The construction of FSTPs should consider several factors, such as site suitability, ease of construction, treatment objectives and capital costs. FSTPs, if constructed as per design, have the potential to be productive and long-lasting. However, once FSTPs are commissioned, the efficient functioning of the plant depends heavily on the operation and maintenance (O&M) protocols followed by the treatment plant operator and maintenance staff.