The State of Real Estate Regulation in India 2023

Deepika Jha, Manish Dubey, Sejal Singla   | 2023


The RERA Act received widespread acclaim for its objectives to regulate a sizable and mostly unregulated sector marked by significant consumer investment and grievances. Seven years after the RERA Act, this report draws on data available in the public domain from 18 RERAs and their websites to take stock of the progress made in relation to the remit of RERA activity, the extent and timeliness of project disclosures, arrangements for grievance redress and institutional functioning of real estate regulatory authorities.


Rekha Test

Amir Bashir Bazaz  | 4 June 2015 

Key Questions

Assumed that a project idea has been finalized, how do we estimate the quantum of money that is required?

From where are we going to raise the required amount of money?

How do we justify the amount identified to be invested in the project conceptualized?

What are therefore; the municipal finance challenges? Can we understand the limitations, opportunities/possibilities?