• Understanding Drivers of Urban Expansion: Case Studies of Three Indian Cities

  • India’s Cultural and Creative Economy: New Imaginations and Emerging Practices

  • Sustainable Urban Water And Sanitation In India: Review Of A National Programme

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Transformative Adaptation in Cities

Aromar Revi, Isabelle Anguelovski, Walter Leal Filho, Marta Olazabal, Eric Chu, John T.Cooper, Matthias Garschagen, Donald R.Nelson 

Transforming Knowledge Systems for Life on Earth: Visions of Future Systems and How to Get There

Ioan Fazey, Niko Schäpke, Guido Caniglia, Anthony Hodgson, Ian Kendrick, Christopher Lyon, Glenn Page, James Patterson, Chris Riedy, Tim Strasser, Stephan Verveen, David Adams, Bruce Goldstein, Matthias Klaes, Graham Leicester, Alison Linyard, Adrienne McCurdy, Paul Ryan, Bill Sharpe, chandni singh et al.‬

Institutional capabilities towards urban equality: Reflections from the KNOW programme in Bangalore, Kampala and Havana

Alexandre Apsan Frediani, Camila Cociña, Gautam Bhan, Shuaib Lwasa, Jorge Peña Díaz, Caren Levy

Informal Work and Maternal and Child Health: A Blind Spot in Public Health and Research

Gautam Bhan, Aditi Surie, Christiane Horwood, Richard Dobson, Laura Alfers, Anayda Portela, Nigel Rollins

Attitudes and Perceptions About Breastfeeding Among Female and Male Informal Workers in India and South Africa

Catherine Horwood, Aditi Surie, Lee Haskins, Siphelele Luthuli, Hinton Rowan, Antara Rai Chowdhury, ‪Nathan D. Rollins‬

Jahan Jhuggi, Wahan Makaan: Assessing the Viability and Parameters of a Delhi Government JJ Cluster Improvement Scheme

Gautam Bhan, Rashee Mehra, Nidhi Sohane, Eklavya Vasudev, Mukesh Yadav

Must There be a “war” Against Coronavirus?

Pallavi Rohela, Anant Bhan , Divya Ravindranath , Devi Leena Bose, Soumitra Pathare

Loss and Damage and Limits to Adaptation: Recent IPCC Insights and Implications for Climate Science and Policy

R. Mechler, C. Singh, K. Ebi, R. Djalante, A. Thomas, R. James, P. Tschakert, M. Wewerinke-Singh, T. Schinko, D. Ley, J. Nalau, L. M. Bouwer, C. Huggel, S. Huq, J. Linnerooth-Bayer, S. Surminski, P. Pinho, R. Jones, E. Boyd , A. Revi

Deindustrialization in Cities of the Global South

Seth Schindler, Tom Gillespie, Nicola Banks, Mustafa Kemal Bayırbağ, Himanshu Burte, J. Miguel Kanai, Neha Sami

Association Between Architectural Parameters and Burden of Tuberculosis in Three Resettlement Colonies of M-East Ward, Mumbai, India

Peehu Pardeshi, Balaram Jadhav, Ravikant Singh, Namrata Kapoor, Ronita Bardhan, Arnab Jana, Siddarth David, Nobhojit Roy 

Impact of Global Warming (1.5ºC) on the Productivity of Selected C3 and C4 Crops Across Tamil Nadu

R.Gowthami, V.Geethalakshmi, Bhuvaneshwari, A. Senthil, M. Dhasarathan, Aromar Revi, Amir Bashir Bazaz 

A Semi-Automatic Method for Carotid Artery Wall Segmentation in MR Images

P Krishna Kumar, Chandrasekharan Kesavadas, Jeny Rajan

Fourth Order PDE Based Ultrasound Despeckling Using ENI Classification

R Soorajkumar,P Krishna Kumar, D Girish, Jeny Rajan

A Hybrid Method for Object Identification and Event Detection in Video

P. Krishna Kumar, Latha Parameswaran

Accurate Measurement of Carotid Lumen Diameter and Narrowing Utilizing Ultrasound

Aditya M Sharma, Tadashi Araki, P. Krishna Kumar, Nobutaka Ikeda, Francesco Lavra, Jeny Rajan, Luca Saba, Andrew Nicolaides, John Laird, Shoaib Shafique, Jasjit S Suri

Magnetic resonance image denoising using nonlocal maximum likelihood paradigm in DCT‐framework

P. Krishna Kumar, P. Darshan, Sheethal Kumar, Rahul Ravindra, Jeny Rajan, Luca Saba, Jasjit S. Suri

A Review on Carotid Ultrasound Atherosclerotic Tissue Characterization and Stroke Risk Stratification in Machine Learning Framework

Aditya M. Sharma, Ajay Gupta, P. Krishna Kumar, Jeny Rajan, Luca Saba, Ikeda Nobutaka, John R. Laird, Andrew Nicolades, Jasjit S. Suri

Coupled PDE for Ultrasound Despeckling Using ENI Classification

R. Soorajkumar, P. Krishnakumar, D. Girish, Jeny Rajan

Two Automated Techniques for Carotid Lumen Diameter Measurement: Regional versus Boundary Approaches

Tadashi Araki, P. Krishna Kumar, Harman S. Suri, Nobutaka Ikeda, Ajay Gupta, Luca Saba, Jeny Rajan, Francesco Lavra, Aditya M. Sharma, Shoaib Shafique, Andrew Nicolaides, John R. Laird, Jasjit S. Suri,

Carotid Inter‐Adventitial Diameter is More Strongly Related to Plaque Score Than Lumen Diameter: An Automated Tool for Stroke Analysis

Luca Saba, Tadashi Araki, P Krishna Kumar, Jeny Rajan, Francesco Lavra, Nobutaka Ikeda, Aditya M. Sharma, Shoaib Shafique, Andrew Nicolaides, John R. Laird, Ajay Gupta, Jasjit S. Suri

Accurate Lumen Diameter Measurement in Curved Vessels in Carotid Ultrasound: An Iterative Scale-Space and Spatial Transformation Approach

P. Krishna Kumar, Tadashi Araki, Jeny Rajan, Luca Saba, Francesco Lavra, Nobutaka Ikeda, Aditya M. Sharma, Shoaib Shafique, Andrew Nicolaides, John R. Laird, Ajay Gupta & Jasjit S. Suri

Ultrasound-Based Automated Carotid Lumen Diameter/Stenosis Measurement and its Validation System

Tadashi Araki, Asheed M. Kumar, P. Krishna Kumar, Ajay Gupta, Ajay Gupta, Jeny Rajan, Francesco Lavra, Aditya M. Sharma, Shoaib Shafique, Andrew Nicolaides, John R. Laird, Jasjit S. Suri,

Segmentation of Intima Media Complex from Carotid Ultrasound Images Using Wind Driven Optimization Technique

Y.Nagaraj, Pardhu Madipalli, Jeny Rajan, P. Krishna Kumar, A.V. Narasimhadhan 

Migration and Household Adaptation in Climate-Sensitive Hotspots in South Asia

Amina Maharjan, Ricardo Safra de Campos, Chandni Singh, Shouvik Das, Arjun Srinivas, Mohammad Rashed Alam Bhuiyan, Sultan Ishaq, Muhammad Awais Umar, Tanzina Dilshad, Krity Shrestha, Suruchi Bhadwal, Tuhin Ghosh, Natalie Suckall, Katharine Vincent

State-of-the-art Review on Automated Lumen and Adventitial Border Delineation and its Measurements in Carotid Ultrasound

Krishna Kumar, TadashiAraki, JenyRajan, John R Laird, Andrew Nicolaides, Jasjit S. Suri 

Energy Assets_sm Program and the Minnesota Design Community: Trends in Co-Evolution

Prasad Vaidya, David Eijadi, Tom McDougall, Jay Johnson

Creating a Synergistic Energy Saving Environment Through a Demand Side Management Program

Prasad Vaidya, David Eijadi, Tom McDougall, Jay Johnson

Introducing Comparative Analysis to the LEED System: A Case for Rational and Regional Application

David Eijadi, Prasad Vaidya, James Reinertsen, Satish Kumar

What’s Wrong With Daylighting? Where It Goes Wrong and How Users Respond to Failure

Prasad Vaidya, Tom McDougall, Jason Steinbock, Jim Douglas, David Eijadi

Making Daylighting Work: Learning from Failures to Improve the Design and Implementation Process

Prasad Vaidya, Tom McDougall, Jason Steinbock, James Douglas, David Eijadi

Cash or Credit: What Works Better? Comparing Utility Incentive Programs with LEED

Prasad Vaidya, Lara Greden, Jason Steinbock, David Eijadi

Measuring the Success Rate of ECMs in New Construction

Lara Greden, Prasad Vaidya, James Douglas, Tom McDougall, David Eijadi, Richard Walker, Fredrick Leuthauser

Zero Energy: Designing and Monitoring a Zero Energy Building that Works: The Science House in Minnesota

Jason Steinbock, David Eijadi, Tom McDougall, Prasad Vaidya, Jeff Weier

Integrated Cost Estimation Methodology to Support High-Performance Building Design

Prasad Vaidya, Lara Greden, David Eijadi, Tom McDougall, Ray Cole

Transforming the Building Energy Efficiency Market in India: Lessons from the USA

Prasad Vaidya, Ranjit Bharvirkar, Alecia Ward, Reshmi Vasudevan, Koshy Cherail

Building Energy Efficiency from the First Decisions

David Eijadi, Prasad Vaidya, Chris Baker

Simulations Without Experts: ECOnirman - a Whole Building Code Compliance Tool for India

Prasad Vaidya, John Melchert, Vinay S. Ghatti, Aalok Deshmukh, Usaid-Eco-Iii, Sanyogita Manu, Sanjay Seth, G. Shankar, Shabnam Bassi

Energy Code Enforcement for Beginners: A Tiered Approach to Energy Code in India

Rajan Rawal, Prasad Vaidya, Vinay Ghatti, Alecia Ward, Sanjay Seth, Alpana Jain, Tara Parthasarathy

ECOnirman & Third Party Assessors: Innovative Approaches to Energy Code Compliance and Enforcement in India

Rajan Rawal, Prasad Vaidya, Vinay Ghatti, Sanyogita Manu, Smita Chandiwala

Simulating Natural Ventilation in Residential Buildings Using Water Table Apparatus

Monisha Edwina Royan, Prasad Vaidya, Rashmin Damle

Lighting Retrofit of CEPT University: Enhancing Visual Comfort and Reducing Energy Consumption

Abdul Moeed Chaudhary, Prasad Vaidya, Dharini S K

Quantification of Airflow Patterns in a Naturally Ventilated Building Simulated in a Water Table Apparatus

Pooja Mundhe, Rashmin Mohan Damle, Prasad Vaidya, Michael G. Apte

Developing and Testing a BPE Approach for Green Buildings in India

Maaz Dixit, Rajat Gupta, Matt Gregg, Sanyogita Manu, Prasad Vaidya

Integrated Cost-Estimation Methodology to Support High-Performance Building Design

Prasad Vaidya, Lara Greden, David Eijadi, Tom McDougall, Ray Cole

Customized Performance Evaluation Approach for Indian Green Buildings

Rajat Gupta, Matt Gregg, Sanyogita Manu, Prasad Vaidya, Maaz Dixit

Research Productivity Analysis of NIRF Ranking Universities: A Study

Mahalakshmi K R, Vinay M S, Spandana R L