Interfaces of ‘Being Healthy and Being Ill’: How is Health Being Perceived by Individuals with Non-Communicable Chronic Conditions?

Nilanjan Bhor, P Omkar Nadh  | 27 May 2024 

Accommodating chronic care into the everyday lives of individuals diagnosed with non-communicable chronic conditions often poses significant challenges. Several studies in public health literature that addressed the question of non-adherence to treatment by turning their gaze towards individual’s perception of their own health restricted the use of perception exploration to visceral states and corporeality without adequately acknowledging the mutual permeance of socio-biological worlds. This study explored the socio-economic genealogies of individuals, to understand the role of structural and intermediate factors that determine health perceptions, by attempting to answer the question ‘how do individuals with non-communicable chronic conditions perceive their health as healthy or ill’?