Afterwards – Graphic Narratives of Disaster Risk and Recovery from India

Vineetha Nalla, Nihal Ranjit, Yashodara Udupa, Mythili Madhavan, Jasmitha Arvind, Garima Jain, Teja Malladi | 2022


Afterwards is an anthology of visual narratives of disaster impacts and the process of recovery that follows. These stories were drawn from the testimonies of disaster-affected individuals, households, and communities documented between 2018-19 from the Indian states of Odisha, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala. They communicate challenges related to housing resettlement, loss of livelihoods, gender-based exclusion among others. At the heart of this anthology lies the idea of ‘representation’: how are those affected portrayed by the media, state actors, official documents; how are their needs represented and how do these portrayals impact the lives of those at risk and shape their recovery?

Graphically illustrating these themes provides a platform to relay personal experiences of disaster risk and recovery. This creative mode of representation aims to take such important narratives to a wider audience, beyond academia.

ISBN: 9788195648559