Plant-Extract-Assisted Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Using Macaranga Indica Bark Extract for Antimicrobial and Photocatalytic Activity

Gajanan Hegde, S. Yallappa, T. Khadre, Sudha Joseph, J. Manjanna | 2023


A rapid and environment-friendly green synthesis of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) using Macaranga Indica (M. Indica) plant extracts was explored in this study. The obtained AgNPs were characterized by UV–Vis, XRD, FTIR, and SEM for antimicrobial and photocatalytic activities. The typical surface plasmon resonance peak around 440 nm confirmed the formation of AgNPs. The particles were found to be very tiny in the range of 15–20 nm size and showed fcc crystal symmetry. The FT-IR study showed the presence of bio-molecules on the surface of AgNPs and acting as capping agents. The in vitro antibacterial screen of AgNPs showed the bio-capped AgNPs have a higher inhibitory action for E. coli and S. aureus followed by C.albicans. The degradation property of the AgNPs towards Rhodamine B (RhB)under different conditions revealed that the degradation efficiency of phytochemicals-coatedAgNPs on RhB was found to be high and around 88.8% within 70 min.