Localising SDGs for India 2019: Tracking the Changing Urban Context

Aromar Revi, Gargi Sen, Yamini Suresh, Rahael Kuruvilla, Amir Bazaz | 2019


This report is the 2019 update of the IIHS ‘Localising SDGs for India’ report, published in 2018, and it analyses SDG trends across the indicator set used in 2018, building on other reports in this space. It uses the 2018 India SDG Index rankings as a base, and reports states’ performance trends in relation to their current levels of development.

A copy of the book is available in the Library for reference. If you would like to purchase, please write to us at : library@iihs.ac.in

ISBN: 9789387315624 (Paperback); 9789387315631 (Hardback)

Citation: Revi, A., Sen, G., Suresh, Y., Kuruuvilla, R., & Bazaz, A. (2019). Localising SDGs for India 2019: Tracking the changing urban context. Indian Institute for Human Settlements. https://doi.org/10.24943/sdgsindia_2019