Linking Education With Health: Lessons From Children of Migrant Construction labourers in India

Nilanjan Bhor | 2020


Children accompanied by migrant families in India are less often allowed to exercise their rights due to social, economic and political factors in an urban locale. There is a law preventing child labour and many interventions were being implemented to protect these vulnerable children. One of the recent campaigns is the ‘schooling of migrant children’ initiated by many government schools and non-governmental organizations across the country. With this concept, this paper was performed a media content review of various interventions implemented to address schooling of migrant children of construction labourers and the review revealed a very grim picture of the complexity of the issue.

Rekha Test

Amir Bashir Bazaz  | 4 June 2015 

Key Questions

Assumed that a project idea has been finalized, how do we estimate the quantum of money that is required?

From where are we going to raise the required amount of money?

How do we justify the amount identified to be invested in the project conceptualized?

What are therefore; the municipal finance challenges? Can we understand the limitations, opportunities/possibilities?