Land Records Modernisation in India: Himachal Pradesh

Sudeshna Mitra, Amlanjyoti Goswami, Deepika Jha, Sahil Sasidharan, Kaye Lushington, Tsomo Wangchuk | 2021


This work provides an institutional, legal and policy review of crucial aspects of land records modernisation systems in Himachal Pradesh. A state characterised by hilly terrain, high forest cover and low urbanisation, Himachal Pradesh provides useful lessons to understand the robustness and diversity of land record administration systems. The property regimes that have historically developed in the state include customary rights, common property resources, jointly held rights, and multiple other use and possession arrangements.  There is a restriction on who can transact properties in the state, aimed at preventing alienation of land. Settlement operations are conducted every 40 years, and often take a long time to complete, but have led to relatively more up-to-date records than some other states. There are also concerns regarding the accuracy of spatial records, and data mismatches between textual and spatial components of the existing record versus the new technology led survey data if often is a cause of disputes.

Based on extensive on-ground research, this work is part of a five-volume set that presents a review of land records management processes, the status of current efforts to modernise land records, and relevant legislative changes across four states and at the national scale.

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ISBN: 9788195648504