Influencing the Social Protection Agenda in Rajasthan to Support Urban Informal Workers

Shriya Anand, Gautam Bhan, Louie Fooks | 2023


PEAK Urban team leads in India, Shriya Anand and Gautam Bhan, based at the Indian Institute for Human Settlements, were commissioned by the Chief Minister’s Rajasthan Economic Transformation Advisory Council in 2021 to develop a policy and practice Framework to support informal work and workers in urban Rajasthan. The analysis was undertaken by a team at IIHS, including several PEAK Urban team members.

The Framework, Towards a Different Future of Work: A framework for informal work and workers in urban Rajasthan, influenced the state government proposal in March 2022 for a Urban Employment Guarantee Scheme to support informal workers in Rajasthan. The scheme, and further measures to support the informal sector, could significantly improve living standards and quality of life for the six million informal urban workers across the State, and transform the informal economy contribution to economic and social development.