Finishing with Net-Zero: A Case Study of the Energy Systems in an Experimental Building

Janani Venkatesh, Prasad Vaidya, Amanda Thounaojam, Amit Chandra, Sanjay Prakash, Yashima Jain and Vismaya Paralkar | 2022 


Net-Zero Energy Buildings are crucial to addressing climate change in the building sector ((IEA), 2019) and catalysing India’s goal to achieve net-zero by 2070. An experimental building (EB) in Bengaluru is a testbed for technologies and approaches that can help optimize energy to achieve net-zero performance in other similar buildings. This paper provides a case study of the EB and discusses the evolution of its energy systems and whether the goal to remain net-zero was maintained through this evolution. Since continuous commissioning was not conducted, the evolution of the project requirements thwarted the net-zero goal. Addition of a high-power consuming lab and a kitchen increased the loads of the building and altered the way the power would be used. Post-construction studies emphasised the need for continuous monitoring and highlighted specific action items that could restore the EB to perform as net-zero.