Curious Case of Indian Mustard as Self-Defeating Phytoextractor in an Urban Benthic Sludge at India

Subha M, Srinivas. N | 2017


The present study verifies the ability of plants i. e Indian mustard (Brassica juncea) growing in and around benthic sludge for its phytoremediation potential. These plants are extensively cited as hyper-active for metal uptakes in particular and there being no intra-conflicts in their choice in literature like that of Jatropha curcas. Studies on Indian mustard plant were carried out to understand the phytoremediation potential of different heavy metals from benthic lake sludge of Hussain sagar, Hyderabad, India. These studies were conducted broadly at two levels, which include (i) Germination success rate under pot experiments and (ii) Growth studies under field conditions using pot experiments. From the results, it was observed the Indian mustard for Arsenic metal, the maximum uptake was observed at 10% Sludge Soil blend at 81 days. Maximum uptake of Cadmium was observed in 100% sludge soil blend at 81 days.