Climate Change Glossary

Kaavya Pradeep Kumar, Chandni Singh, Ritwika Basu, Preedip Balaji, Aparna Chintamani, Manjusha Madhu, Pradip Srivastav, Subagunam Kannan, Sunita Bhadauria | 2021


Climate change is a complex subject with terms and definitions that can seem overwhelming to non-specialists. What is ‘albedo’? What does ‘radiative forcing’ mean? What does ‘geoengineering’ entail?

As climate change impacts grow more frequent and intense, it is critical that journalists, in particular, are equipped with the right information when they report. This set of open-access multilingual glossaries aim to bridge the gap between research and the general public by compiling this comprehensive list of most frequently-used terms related to climate change. A majority of these terms have been sourced from the different IPCC reports as well as public platforms such as the BBC and the Climate Reality Project.