A Demand Response Implementation Case Study for Islanding of a Building

Yashima Jain, Prasad Vaidya, Amit Chandra, Gopikrishna A, Uthej D, Vismaya Paralkar  | 2022


The power sector is experiencing challenges with a change in load shape from the demand and supply curves from increased penetration of distributed generation (DG) in the form of renewable energy technologies. Microgrids and technological approaches at the building level that respond to these challenges along with providing resilience in the case of grid failure need to be incorporated to strengthen conventional power networks. In this paper, we present a case study with successes and challenges in implementing an intelligent state-of the-art islanding use case in a 400 m2 mixed-use building. We developed a control system that includes an intelligent Demand Response to extend the critical operation of the building, when grid supply is unavailable, using predictions of battery charge and on-site solar PV generation. We present our findings from the performance testing and occupant feedback of this islanding use case. In future, we intend to use machine learning and calibrated models to further improve the predictions.