Urban India 2015: Evidence (Urban Transportation)

 Editor: Aromar Revi | Lead Authors: Teja Malladi, Sonal Shah, Pooja Rao  | August 2015 

Urban population growth in the last two decades has been accompanied by sprawl, congestion, and degradation of public health due to disjointed planning, and inadequate quality public transport systems and non motorised transport infrastructure. Mobility in urban India is at acusp—with a medium to high increase in per capita trip rates and travel distances, but decreasing non-motorised shares and sharply dropping public transport trips. Simultaneously, 42 per cent of urban households continue to own at least one bicycle. The urban monthly household transport expenditure for the bottom two deciles has stubbornly remained around 2 per cent over 1999 2012. The trajectory and growth of India‘s urban transport and mobility sectors will be determined by policy decisions and investments in the next 15 years.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.24943/urbindia.2015_7