Training Needs Assessment Masons: Fecal Sludge Management

IIHS  | January 2017


The sanitation problem is not just about eliminating the need for open defecation by provision of infrastructure and instilling durable behaviour change, but also of ensuring safe containment in toilets, regular cleaning and proper conveyance of wastes from septic tanks, and treatment leading to safe disposal or re-use. Studies have shown that many a time, septic tanks are not constructed properly and hence, do not function as safe containment and preliminary treatment structures. Similarly, pits need to be constructed properly to safely contain human excreta. In this context, the TNUSSP conducted a training needs assessment among masons to understand the masonry practices in building toilets and construction of on-site sanitation systems, identify the skill gaps in the construction and ascertain the training needs of the masons. One of the key findings of this exercise was that none of the chief masons or skilled masons had undergone any technical education for masonry, and most of them have learned the masonry skill over time and through experience.