The State of Household Food Security in Bangalore, India

Jyothi Koduganti, Charrlotte Adelina, Mohanraju JS, Shriya Anand  | 2019

Executive Summary

This report presents and analyzes the findings of a household food security survey conducted by the Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS) and the Hungry Cities Partnership (HCP) in Bangalore, India, in 2016. The survey was administered to 1,700 households in 40 randomly-selected wards across the city. This is the first large-scale survey of household food security in Bangalore and should be read in conjunction with the background information on the city’s food system in HCP Report No. 5: The Urban Food System of Bangalore, India (Surie and Sami 2017). The two reports aim to provide researchers and policy-makers with detailed data and information about food security in Bangalore, as well as insights into the city’s food system.