Ten New Insights in Climate Science 2022

Maria A. Martin, Emmanuel A. Boakye, Emily Boyd, Wendy Broadgate, Mercedes Bustamante, Josep G. Canadell, Edward R. Carr, Eric K. Chu, Helen Cleugh, Szilvia Csevar, Marwa Daoudy, Ariane de Bremond, Meghnath Dhimal, Kristie L. Ebi ,Clea Edwards, Sabine Fuss, Martin P. Girardin, Bruce Glavovic, Chandni Singh… Zhirong Jerry Zhao et.al.  | 2022 


In 2022, the 10 New Insights in Climate Science covers crucial topics that are key focus areas for negotiators at COP27, from adaptation and mitigation, to the intersections of climate and food systems, security, and finance:

  1. Questioning the myth of endless adaptation
  2. Vulnerability hotspots cluster in ‘regions at risk’
  3. New threats on the horizon from climate-health interactions
  4. Climate mobility: From evidence to anticipatory action
  5. Human security requires climate security
  6. Sustainable land use is essential to meeting climate targets
  7. Private sustainable finance practices are failing to catalyse deep transitions
  8. Loss and Damage: The urgent planetary imperative
  9. Inclusive decision-making for climate-resilient development
  10. Breaking down structural barriers and unsustainable lock-ins

The 2022 report was prepared by a consortium of 65 leading researchers from 23 countries and responds to clear calls for policy guidance during this climate-critical decade.