Sludge Mapping-Understanding Sludge Generation to Maximise Usage of Existing and Upcoming STP/FSTP

Vinitha Murukesan, Niladri Chakraborti | 2019


Tamil Nadu has a large number of Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) with a total capacity of 1414.16MLD, which is currently under-utilised. The main reasons for the same is long distance to the treatment plant from different regions, along with a sense of indifference towards co-treatment of septage with sewage. Taking this into consideration, the current paper presents a pilotstudy from Periyanaicken-palayam(PNP) and Narasimhanaicken-palayam(NNP), to understand the possible distance and amount of sludge generation in the locality, which could lead to proper utilisation of the existing treatment facilities and upcoming STP/FSTPto its optimal level.