Scoping Exercise to Support Sustainable Urban Sanitation in Tamil Nadu: Exposure Visit Report

IIHS  | March 2016 


In India, there is lack of demonstrated successful models with respect to Fecal Sludge Management (FSM). As part of the scoping exercise to support sustainable urban sanitation in Tamil Nadu, it is essential that exposure visits are organised for the Government of Tamil Nadu (GoTN) officers to locations where there are demonstrated successful models in the implementation of FSM practices. Government stakeholders gaining exposure to robust FSM models in another developing country, is therefore, envisaged as one of the key preparatory steps for the development and operationalisation of effective FSM systems in Tamil Nadu. Based on secondary review, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and Dakar in Senegal were proposed as sites for the exposure visit. This report presents key learnings from these two locations with respect to the effective implementation of FSM systems, which can be operationalised in Tamil Nadu. For instance, in Malaysia, regulatory frameworks are efficient and there is a clear allocation of roles and monitoring system across the sanitation value chain. In Senegal, the collaboration between the government agency and the private and informal service providers to sustain FSM is noteworthy.