Overview of Sanitation Workers Programme in Trichy

TNUSSP  | June 2020


The Indian Institute for Human Settlements and its partners along with the Trichy City Corporation have collaborated to improve the health, occupational safety and livelihoods of sanitation workers. The Tamil Nadu Urban Sanitation Support Programme has identified and engaged with different types of sanitation workers employed in urban areas such as Urban Local Body-managed workers, school toilet cleaners, public and community toilet cleaners, independent cleaners as daily wage workers, desludging truck operators and cleaners, privately managed solid waste workers, rag-pickers, and railway cleaners. The initiatives undertaken integrate multiple social, engineering, and behavioural aspects that focus on improving the living and working conditions of this vulnerable section of society. This note provides an overview of the initiatives.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.24943/TNUSSPOSWPT0603.2021