Operations SOP: How to Organise COVID Vaccination for 200-Person Educational Institutions / Small Organisations

Capt K Pooja Vasanth (Retd.), Dwaipayan Banerjee | 2021


This document details the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) which can be followed by any small organisations/educational institutions/ apartment complexes (approximately up to 200 individuals) for organising an on-site COVID-19 vaccination drive for their staff, students, residents and family.

The sections detail the basic design and process workflow that can be planned within the premises to ensure elimination of unproductive waiting time on one hand and also provide maximum safety for all beneficiaries from chances of cross transmission of COVID-19 infection.

The document captures details about the manpower planning, zone demarcations and roles and responsibilities of stakeholders, which can be used as a guideline for setting up similar initiatives.

The COVID-19 safety protocols have also been covered to ensure adherence of processes as a safeguard against infections.

A section has been added at the end on lessons learnt, which provides an insight on how to further improve the existing process and account for  additional aspects which need to be considered for an improved experience and enhanced safety.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.24943/OPSSOP.072021