Management Information System for Septage Management for the State of Tamil Nadu, India

Ganeshkumar, M, Kavita Wankhade, Rajiv Raman, Reeba Devaraj, Sam Daniel Rajkumar, Srinithi Sudhakar Moopanar | 2019


The Muzhusugadharam (MuSu) Application (App) is a statewide initiative led by the Municipal Administration and Water Supply (MAWS) Department, Government of Tamil Nadu (GoTN), to collate relevant data on septage management at the Urban Local Body (ULB) level. This app is meant to help all 664 ULBs track their progress, as well as help decision-makers at the state level to monitor ULBs. This paper attempts to demonstrate the app and the dashboard as a viable ‘tool’ for monitoring and evaluation. Additionally, it provides an understanding of the processes adopted, learnings and challenges faced while introducing an information system.