Making of the Riparian Amphitheatre

Edited by Aromar Revi, Rahul Mehrotra, Sanjay Prakash | Authors: Amol Mangrulkar, Archita Suryanarayanan, Elizabeth Shilpa Abraham, Kirthan Shekar | 2023


This book focuses on the five key design questions that have been addressed in the design of a Riparian Amphitheatre and its execution that have shaped its form, integration into land and waterscape, structure, services and choice of building material and systems.

The book documents the attempts to present a balanced account of the processes; materials, energy, carbon and the financial costs involved, the time and effort taken to plan, design and construct the Riparian Amphitheatre at the IIHS Campus. The book will inform and inspire planners and designers of institutional campuses and public spaces in India, to create simple, cost effective and multi-functional facilities in conversation with unique landscapes and contexts that shape our country.

ISBN: 9788195847365