Making of the Experimental Building: Integration of Sustainable Building Systems and Services

Edited by Aromar Revi, Rahul Mehrotra, Sanjay Prakash | Authors: Amol Mangrulkar, Archita Suryanarayanan, Kirthan Shekar | 2022


This book documents the processes and outcomes based on the intent and construction of the Experimental Building designed to be used as a site office at the IIHS Campus. The experimental building is a unique experiment that prototypes various options proposed by a set of architects for each building system on the IIHS Campus. The book offers an analysis of material, energy and carbon intensity to provide a unique picture of materiality in construction and its environmental and climate footprint.

This book is in-depth documentation of a number of key design principles and processes that were iteratively tested in the Experimental Building. These include human cantered design, India specific ergonomics, adaptability and modularity; scalability; spatially efficient design; passive building design; daylighting and energy efficiency; limiting environmental impact and climate impact; local cultural and historical sensitivity, and promotion of local employment and crafts traditions.

Like the Experimental Building, this book is a prototype of a process of reflection, monitoring and knowledge creation, that helps IIHS develop an interdisciplinary framework in bringing together architects, landscape ecologists, engineers and technologists from multiple disciplines, services, facilities and project management specialists, editors and digital media specialists.

ISBN: 9788195847327