Land Records Modernisation in India: Haryana

Sudeshna Mitra, Amlanjyoti Goswami, Deepika Jha, Sahil Sasidharan, Kaye Lushington, Mukesh Yadav | 2021


This work provides an institutional, legal and policy review of crucial aspects of land records modernisation systems in Haryana. The state offers a unique window into the regional diversity of land systems in India; it underwent a large-scale land consolidation exercise in 1950s, and features rectangular land parcels of equal area, and a share-system of joint landholdings with limited spatial demarcation. Technologically, the state has an integrated system of land record management, and continues to make advances. Haryana is also one of the country’s most prolific real estate markets, attracting some of the largest private sector investment. However, the land records management system remains primarily rural, and does not yet capture the realities of an urban property landscape and the transition into a fragmented, individualised private property system.

Based on extensive on-ground research, this work is part of a five-volume set that presents a review of land records management processes, the status of current efforts to modernise land records, and relevant legislative changes across four states and at the national scale.

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ISBN: 9788195648511