Land Records Modernisation in India: Gujarat

Amlanjyoti Goswami, Deepika Jha, Sudeshna Mitra, Sahil Sasidharan, Kaye Lushington, Mukesh Yadav | 2021


This work provides an institutional, legal and policy review of crucial aspects of land records modernisation systems in Gujarat. Recognising the significance of land and its management for the state economy, Gujarat was among the early states to computerise its land records and processes and integrate them. In 2009, the state introduced resurveys using modern technology, which resulted in promulgation of updated records in more than sixty percent of villages, before being paused in 2018. Apart from political leadership, administrative initiatives such as documenting procedures and operational guidelines, incentivising of regular progress and reporting, and regular capacity building helped the state in making a significant progress. Gujarat is among the most urbanised and industrialised states in the country, and this volume presents case studies on the state of land and property records in urban and industrial areas, and the attempts to modernise them.

Based on extensive on-ground research, this work is part of a five-volume set that presents a review of land records management processes, the status of current efforts to modernise land records, and relevant legislative changes across four states and at the national scale.

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ISBN: 9788195489381