Land Records Modernisation in India: Chandigarh

Deepika Jha, Vidushi Bhatt, Mukesh Yadav, Ruby Moun | 2021 

During 2017–2020, a team of researchers at the Indian Institute for Human Settlements conducted a series of primary and secondary studies on land record modernisation initiatives in five states and union territories of India. Based on extensive on-ground research, this work is part of a five-volume set that presents findings from Delhi, Maharashtra, Chandigarh, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh, with a focus on  urban land and property records and the associated complexities.

Chandigarh, built almost entirely on acquired land free from legacy issues, has better urban records than rural records, unlike most parts of India. This volume captures the development history of Chandigarh, its contemporary challenges, current position of the land and property records in the union territory, and the complexities of peripheral rural areas and their transformation.

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ISBN: 9788195489336