Investing in Smart Cities: Enhancing Public Libraries for Quality Services in India

Sheshagiri Kulkarni, M. Dhanamjaya, Preedip Balaji  | 2024


This article comprehensively examines investments in India’s smart cities1 with a specific focus on public libraries. A survey of 100 Smart Cities Mission projects was conducted to gather data on budget allocation and expenditure for public libraries, construction and renovation projects, and IT infrastructure and outreach programs. Results reveal investments in 27 library projects across 12 states geographically distributed throughout India, spanning new library establishments, renovations, digitization efforts, and IT integration with library services. The majority of funds (60%) support new libraries including business and innovation components, while renovation projects claim 30%. The article contributes valuable insights for public library development, targeting library authorities, municipal administrators, and local planners as statutory services at the heart of community development and engagement of public.