Indian Hijras Lost in Space – Lack of Voice in Mainstream LGBT and Queer Movement

Akhil Kang, Dipankar Krishna Das  | 2015


From being denied entry into the feminist movements to becoming mere tools of theorization, the transgender community today, seem to have been lost in the discourse which supposedly aims to address them. The hijras of India who have become the unnatural, fearful, phobia- igniting ‘other’, often get disparaged for mimicking uber femininity or masculinity. When one looks at the mainstream LGBT movement, one often wonders, how strong is the transgender representation? Layering the LGBT movement with queer-ness, one also wonders, how queer are the hijras of India? This Article seeks to address these questions in light of the celebrated  judgment of National Legal Services Authority v. Union of India and in this context, further addresses the bigger issue regarding the problems faced by the transgender/transsexual/hijra community with the LGBT and/or the queer movement