India Higher Education Atlas (Volume 1)

Editor: Aromar Revi | Lead Author: Teja Malladi | Contributing Authors: Dhananjayan Mayavel, Nilakshi Chatterji, Pratyush Tripathy   | 2018


The first edition of the India Higher Education Atlas visualises, for the first time, the locations of the bulk of the universities and colleges in the country. The atlas brings together the 2018–19 Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE) directory of higher education institutions database, with IIHS’ 0.6 million urban and rural settlement geocoded data base, and various Census variables for visualising population densities and settlement sizes, literacy rates and the locations of various types of higher education institutions. When placed in the context of age and gender-specific educational attainment across rural and urban areas at both state and district levels, it provides a snapshot of the challenges that India will have to address in order to strengthen its higher education.

The volume 1 consists of state and India level visualisations.