Implementing Long-Term Measurement & Verification at a Building: A Socio-Technical Analysis

Christine Hammer, Prasad Vaidya | 2010 


This paper is a socio-technical study of the design and programming of a metering system. Metering systems and the reports they generate can provide useful feedback for building operators and occupants. They allow the operators to monitor energy consumption and improve building performance. Ultimately, the goal of these systems is to engage building operators and occupants to conserve energy. This paper studies the perspectives of four team members who were involved in the design, installation and programming of one such system: owner, electrical engineer, energy consultant, and manufacturer’s field representative. The paper explores and compares the team members’ understanding of (1) the intended use of the system, (2) the technical requirements of the system, and (3) their understanding of their role in the execution of the system. The paper identifies the barriers to installing such a system and provides suggestions for eliminating these barriers.