Flowing Towards Sustainability: Innovations in Campus Water Management

Edited by Aromar Revi, Jagdish Krishnaswamy, Rahul Mehrotra, Sanjay Prakash |  Authors: Amol Mangrulkar, Archita S, Elizabeth Shilpa Abraham, Pooja Sagar | 2024


This book explores the intricate relationship between urbanization, water security, and climate change, emphasizing the challenges faced by cities distanced from traditional water sources. Focusing on the megacity of Bengaluru, the text highlights the urgency for innovative, sustainable approaches in the Anthropocene era, where climate change and pollution threaten water resources and human well-being. The IIHS Kengeri Campus in Bengaluru serves as a ground-breaking experiment, employing a multidisciplinary approach to develop resilient and sustainable urban water systems. This “living laboratory” integrates science, planning, design, nature-based solutions, and digital technology to address water-related behavior and promote sustainable water use. The experiment at the Campus aims to create climate-resilient cities with universal water access, contributing to healthier ecosystems and more equitable urban lives.

The book documents the challenges and innovations in building a circular water system at the campus, emphasizing the importance of behavioral changes and digital monitoring for success. Ongoing efforts, such as decentralized wastewater treatment systems and greywater recycling, aim to achieve near net-zero municipal water use, significantly reducing demand compared to Indian benchmarks. The text also discusses the positive ecological shifts, including biodiversity enhancement and regenerative peri-urban agriculture. Furthermore, the book underlines the significance of historical context and local knowledge in shaping water management strategies. This work serves as a valuable resource for practitioners, policymakers, researchers, students, and users seeking insights into sustainable water management practices in megacities.

ISBN: 9788195847372

DOI: https://doi.org/10.24943/9788195847372