Feasibility of Climate Technology Options Across System Transitions

Debora Ley, Elisabeth Gilmore, Edmond Totin, Linda Steg, Chandni Singh, Smail Khennas, Andrea Hahmann, Gregory Nemet | 2022


This chapter sets out a multidimensional feasibility assessment (FA) of a range of climate technologies. The FA provides a screening tool for decisionmakers by assessing the current state of feasibility of climate technologies along a set of key dimensions, thereby aiding in prioritization of technology options and indicating where strategic investment should be made to increase feasibility for technology development and transfer centrally. The FA reveals which barriers – if removed, managed or minimized – would make the relevant technology more feasible to implement. It also provides information about overarching barriers that hinder system transitions, such as a lack of political will towards the implementation of enabling policies and the presence of market distortions such as fossil fuel subsidies. Finally, the FA highlights areas where there are knowledge gaps, thus signaling areas for research priorities. It should be noted that feasibility is context-specific and that the assessments outlined in this chapter offer guidance to feasibility at the global and regional levels, rather than an indication of the feasibility of the technologies assessed within individual countries.